Wednesday, June 29, 2011

One year!

It has been a while, but in this case, that is a great thing. Today we are celebrating Landon's ONE YEAR anniversary since surgery. Landon has come so far in the past 12 months.... 

{7 Weeks Post Op}
He has healed wonderfully. He started walking just a few short weeks after surgery, while still looking like Charlie Brown. It wasn't long after that he was wrestling with his brothers again and being a typical toddler!

{2 Months Post Op}

Landon and Grayson turned one just two months after Landon's surgery. He partied like a rock star while we all celebrated the twins first year and Landon's recovery!

{3 Months Post Op}
By football season his scar was starting to become less noticeable. We were able to go places with less stares and his hair was beginning to cover his zig zag.

{4 Months Post Op}
 Landon was Thing 1 for Halloween and sported a blue do.

{5 Months Post Op}

{6 Months Post Op}
By the time Landon was 6 months post surgery, and 14 months old, there was no stopping him! He was running, jumping, and wrestling with his brothers as if he was not still recovering from surgery.

{7 Months Post Op}

{8 Months Post Op}

{9 Months Post Op}

{10 Months Post Op}

{11 Months Post Op}

Just a few short weeks ago, Landon went back for a somewhat routine MRI to monitor his Chair Malformation. His MRI came back completely normal and he is off the hook for a whole year! We could not be be more relieved and overwhelmed with the good news!

{1 Year Post Op}
Today we are celebrating these past 12 months. Yesterday Landon started his first day of preschool, and soon he will turn 2! We are so proud of our little firecracker!

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

4 Weeks Post Surgery!

Landon is almost 2 months post surgery! It is so hard to believe! We have been busy getting back to normal life....and it feel so good! Below are some pictures of Landon's head 4 weeks post surgery!

Saturday, July 24, 2010

2.5 Weeks post op pictures!

It is getting hard to get good pictures of Landon's head, because he just wants to go, go, go! These are 2.5 weeks post surgery!

Checking in

Hi everyone! I just wanted to post a quick update! Aidan is with daddy at soccer and the twins just went down for a nap. The house is quite, and I am drinking a cup of coffee. Great way to start the weekend!

Landon is doing great! He is such a little tough guy. He is trying to be brave, and cruising the furniture. As a result, and being a typical 10 (almost 11- yikes!) month old, he has fallen a few times too. I think is scares up more than him though.

His incision is healing beautifully! I have a few new pictures to post! It is crazy that on Tuesday we will be 4 weeks post surgery!! Wow!! We are now in the processing of planning one big celebration.

Thanks to my wonderful, amazing friends, and alot of people we don't know, the yard sale raised $1,900!! Isn't that amazing?! My dear friend (she is much more than that to me), also planned a spirit night at Chick-fil-a last Monday, and we packed the place out!

So, now that life is getting back to normal, I am not sure how often I will be updating this blog. I will post pictures weekly until we get to the 6 week mark, and then monthly after that for the first year. I hope this blog will bring comfort to other's who will go down this road. It is such an emotional and scary thing to go through, and it is hard to believe you will ever get through it, but you will! These kids are amazing!

So, thank you for checking in on our family! We are so thankful for everything, and know we are very lucky parents to have these three little guys. You can follow our crazy days on our family blog- Our Growing Family- click here!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

A New Blog

I feel strange talking about the events that have been planned to support Landon's medical bills and travel costs associated with his surgery. But, I do want to brag on my wonderful friends who have done amazing things for us, as well as James work friends who spoiled us with some great gift cards. We have been blessed with tons of prayers, texts, calls, and emails the past few months, as well as tons of meals! I can not thank everyone enough for the things that have been done and planned on behalf of our family. It is just amazing. I feel so lucky to be here, in Raleigh NC, surrounded by such wonderful people (and wish that the ones who were not so close, were here!).

So thank you, thank you, and thank you!

If you want to follow the events being planned, please visit Landon's Fundraiser Blog (click here!), that one of my dear mommy friends started!

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

One Week Post op!

It is so hard to believe that surgery was over a week ago!
Landon is doing great! One of these days, I will explain everything in detail, so James and I can actually remember that events of the past few weeks.
Alot of Landon's swelling has gone down. Dr Fearon said to except about 70% of the swelling to be gone in the first 10 days, and that it would be 6 weeks before 95% of it would be gone!
Landon is back to his good ol' self, stealing pacis and trying to walk! We still have a ways to go in the sleep department, but we will get there.
Now, look at this beautiful, ROUND head!
(He still has the most swelling in the back. I can't wait to see what the finished product looks like!)
TWO perfect little babies.....and heads.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

Home Sweet Home!

Home never felt so good!
Landon wants to thank the Borter's, Coughlin's, Leoncini's, McCoy's, and Seaman's for the sweet teddy bear and balloons! What a great homecoming surprise!!