Wednesday, June 30, 2010


This is the site tonight in Landon's room...
It was so fun to have Grayson here today with his brother. The boys were able to see, hear, and touch each other. I know the past couple days have been hard on Grayson too. He is in a strange place without his brotherS, and mom and dad have been in and out. It has also been hard without Aidan. We miss him so much. It is really strange when I think about all 3 of my kids, being three different places. That has never happend. We can't wait to get our family back home together!
There is something so magical about this, and I will never understand what it feels like.
But they know....
(There is a delay with my posts from the hospital. For some reason they are showing up hours later.)


The boys were reunited today! Grayson was not able to see Landon until he was moved to the ped floor. It was so fun to see them together again!
I can only imagine what Grayson must be thinking.
Maybe something like this...
"Ouch, man! What happened?"
"Where's the other guy...."
"Oh, man. I am so sorry. That looks like it hurts".
Or maybe.....
"I wish I could take your pain away, I hate to see you like this."
Landon is so sweet. I think he is thinking,
"Here Gray, let me kick you in the face and we will call it even."
Too bad I know my boys....
And I know that Landon just wants some love from his brother on his foot.
Anyone know where I can get one of these? Babies R Us maybe?


Landon was able to get some freedom after we were moved to his new room.
We loaded him up for a wagon ride and walked around the hospital and he loved it!

Back in Mommy's Arms! (24 hours post surgery)

I was able to hold Landon for the first time today after he was moved to the pediatric floor.
He has been though so much, but has his way of telling me he is ok. Look at that little face smiling!
I was hesistant about posting pictures of him looking like Charlie Brown.
He does not look like Landon at all. It is sad to not recognize your own baby.
But he is doing great! It is amazing!!
But then he will do something that is unmistakenly Landon like gaze at us with those beautiful blue eyes, or babble some of his favorite sounds. My favortie is when he lifts a foot up in the air. This is our que to hold his foot, kiss his foot, or rub his foot. I think this is his was of telling us he is ok.
Holding him is similar to holding a new born baby. His head is very heavy and he needs a lot of support. His head is also very squishy from all the fluid around his skull.
I can not explain how great he is doing. He has not fussed much at all the past 48 hours. We are so poud of him and can't wait to take him home!


Landon was just moved from the picu to the peds floor! He is doing great!

Good Morning!

Landon had a good night. I stayed at the hospital in his picu room and James went back to the house to get some sleep. Mom had Grayson so James was able to rest. Landon is waking up more and even saying "da da" and trying to talk to us. He is very swollen and does not look like Landon. If we did not know it was him we probably would not recognize him. The nurse just rolled him over to even out some swelling. His right eye is almost swollen shut but his left is still pretty open. The doctors came by this morning and said the swelling wil get worse. Now that he is coming off everything he will probably start getting really mad.

The nurse just called and he is getting released from the icu and moved to the ped floor! Will update later!

24 hours post surgery